The HYPOCRISY of Nicki Minaj

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The hypocrisy of Nicki Minaj

“I’m not trying to be offensive”

So here is a girl (Nicki Minaj) who openly mocks the church at the 2012 Grammys, walking down the red carpet with the pope, the stained glass looking windows of the church becoming the fire red backdrop, the young boys praying on their knees (while she performs sexual acts around them) and the singing of the traditional Christian hymn “oh come all ye faithful.” She mocked all she could of the church and Christianity. No surprise in the mocking, the surprise comes after all is set and done, when she dares to say “I ABSOLUTELY WASN’T TRYING TO BE OFFENSIVE.” (Hypocrisy anyone?) She also explains that the meaning of this direct offense to a religious institution was “love people for who they are and stop ridiculing and chastising and condemning people because they seem different.” But Nicki didn’t you just spend 5 minutes in front of millions of people “ridiculing” & “condemning” the church for not thinking like you? (Hypocrisy anyone?)


What Nicki did isn’t something new, people like Madonna & Lady Gaga come to mind. I just wish that one of these artist would be a little more consistent with their own promotion of “be true to yourself” and not hide behind the hypocritical mask of “I’m not trying to be offensive” or “I’m defending someone else” or “its my art” or “what I really meant to say was…” just be TRUE TO YOURSELF, as you ask your fans to be: its HYPOCRISY, the very thing they are apparently running from, they run too.


This hypocrisy is very popular in our day, our job as Christians is to have discernment, and not be drawn by the PRETTY TALK  and the “I am the defender of the weak” type image that these hypocrite, fake, postmodern artist hide behind.


By the way, in the words of Ms. Minaje:  “I ABSOLUTELY WASN’T TRYING TO BE OFFENSIVE…”


JD. Acuna

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