The Atheist Youth RALLY (Reason Rally)

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The Atheist Youth RALLY (Reason Rally)

Yup, the first ATHEIST youth rally was held this past Saturday, with over 20,000 people ( Very similar to a Christian youth convention, or youth rally, the atheist youth rally had speakers, workshops, concerts, and comedians, apparently Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher are kind of trendy preachers for them. I wonder if they had a praise and worship set, but then again, who would they worship? Perhaps reason? Or matter? Or the “mighty” coincidence and its only son, chance?

So what is a group whose worldview is rooted in coincidence and meaninglessness celebrating? According to their promotion, they’re celebrating A LIFE WITHOUT GOD, the sad thing is that, although they have experienced and are experiencing a separation from God, they don’t know what LIVING without God really means.

A true lack of God isn’t just an issue of worldview, its an issue of meaning. The worst thing about HELL isn’t going to be the flames, or the fire, or the lake of fire, the worst thing about hell is the fact that never again, in eternity will people be able to sense God, his presence, his essence, his purpose, and for eternity meaninglessness will carry a whole new “meaning.” No more hope of restoration, no more hope for meaning no more belonging, no more relationship, no more…

An example of this hell is found in Jesus’ desperate shout on the cross “God why have you forsaken me” (Mathew 27:45-46) Jesus had never (in eternity) been separated from God, on that day bearing the sins of the world, he experienced the worst suffering of hell, Jesus was experiencing what a true lack of God feels like.

Life without God, begins to loose the essence of what life is. My prayer is that my atheist friends may never really know the totality of what a true LACK of God is, for there will be no room for celebration. So, as thousands of atheist begin to have “church” please remember that God’s people are the light of the world, we are the carriers of the Hope of Jesus, to the atheist, and anyone who does not know Jesus.

The atheist are not hiding their “darkness” don’t you dare hide your light.


By JD. Acuna Jr

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