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Project CROSS


It is PASSION WEEK! Or in Spanish SEMANA SANTA! On the other hand, these past few weeks, a movie called Project X has prompted numerous parties across America, where dozens of teenagers have been arrested, some hurt, one dead and 100s of thousands of dollars in damage. When the producer of the film and writer of the film are asked to comment on the movie, they say they are just trying to entertain.

It is amazing to me the influence that a few young people (in the movie) can have over the young people of our nation, it is amazing that a few young people have caused a small phenomenon to spread, young people have influenced Hollywood to invest millions of dollars on movies like this, young people have caused this (NEGATIVE) impact over our culture. Yet I believe it is young people who can cause a divine reversal.

So what does Project X have to do with Semana Santa??? Through the phenomenon of “Project X” I am reminded of WHY CHRIST CAME! JESUS came for me and you to have an impact over our culture, JESUS came for the young man who is trying to find his identity in alcohol, JESUS came for the young girl who is left broken hearted after a supposed “night of love.” JESUS came for the kid who can’t get suicide off of his/her head, Jesus came for all of US!

This is what we celebrate in SEMANA SANTA, not the rituals, or the “coneja” or the chocolate (which I’m very thankful for). Semana Santa is about Jesus coming to reach the lost. “Project Cross” is about a MAN who caused a greater phenomenon than “Project X,” a MAN who truly impacted his culture, and revolutionized his generation! Project Cross is about Jesus, being God, leaving his throne to come down to earth, as one of us, living the struggles we go through, facing the temptations we face, experiencing the rejections we experience but overcoming! Showing his love to a world in desperate need of it, and instilling purpose back into our reality. As a young person your influence goes a LONG WAY and just like Project X can cause a phenomenon, a generation filled with the HOPE OF THE CROSS has proven to cause not just a phenomenon, but a complete revolution through history.

This is Project Cross: There is hope for everyone



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