Life as a work of Art

1 Posted by - April 11, 2016 - English, Youth Devos

– Life is Art –

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

Ephesians 2:10


We are God’s work of art, and we were created for good works. How amazing is it to know that we are God’s handiwork, you are part of the masterpiece that is our universe. As is usually the case with great works of art, they typically carry 3 basic elements. 1. The art carries meaning, there is significance in the art. 2. The art shows the mark of the creator, either through a signature or through their style. 3. The art, most of the time carries with it a message that the author is trying to convey.


1. As a piece in God’s masterpiece, we too carry meaning, a purpose (“created for good works”) Your life isn’t the product of coincidental matter that auto-evolved through coincidental explosions and that will cease to exist in the eternal meaningless future. You were created, and that alone entails a meaning and a purpose.

2. You carry the mark of The artist. As God’s work of art we too carry an identity and a mark (“created in Jesus” created in his image) He has created us with an ability to reason, to create, an ability for moral choice, and an ability to enter into a live relationship with God.

3. As a work of art we too carry a message, a message of hope that every child, man and woman needs to hear. That message is Jesus loves, Jesus saves, Jesus heals and Jesus is coming back again.

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