Romantic Atheism

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Romantic Atheism


In the late 1800s atheism was a very liberating but depressing approach to life. Liberating because it meant that you didn’t have a higher power that made you be attached to any sort of authority within the context of the church or even the government. Depressing because, it lead people into a very sad nihilistic view of life. Some of the biggest names in atheism had very sad endings to their lives, and the concept of meaninglessness didn’t really connect with most of the population. Many people, all though they didn’t believe in God or a god, still wanted to have the hope of something. In the midst of the whole meaninglessness talk, Christianity spoke of hope, real hope, real meaning and even equality for all humanity.


Here’s the crazy thing…


The crazy thing is that Christianity has been twisted to appear as this evil origination that is monotonous, meaningless and even discriminatory. In contrast, atheism and agnosticism, has painted itself as the freedom fighters, the ones looking for equality for all, and the ones with a genuine intellectual pursuit. (IT’S NOT TRUE). However, not only is it not true, but on top of everything, it now poses it self as a provider of hope, painting it self as a romantic worldview. They essentially are robbing Christianity from some of it’s basic elements, and throwing out the whole “Jesus” thing.


Here’s a huge example of the romantic atheist.



I love the way Jason Silva explains things, however what he’s essentially saying (while using some very fancy words) is, YOUR’E GOING TO DIE… YOU WILL CEASE TO EXIST… you’re best hope is, try to hang on a little longer. That’s not hope! Real hope is in finding who we are, and why we’re here on earth, real hope is found in knowing where we come from. Real hope is found in the only person who has ever walked this earth, who was able to actually answer these basic questions. His name is Jesus.



The church is being robbed from it’s teaching of equality, what’s the foundation of equality in the US? “We are all CREATED equal” not evolved equally, as a matter of fact, a meaningless evolution would mean inequality amongst humans. A creator, GOD, who created us equally, is the only real basis for equality, it was God who inspired the great Martin Luther King Jr to dream, it was a christian worldview that lead Abraham Lincoln as he abolished slavery. Before there were orphanages, the primitive church would pick up the orphans off the streets and take them in as their own, before there was public education, the church started Sunday School, to teach kids how to read, write, math and about Jesus. The church has, without doubt made a lot of horrible mistakes when it comes to equality and interpreting God’s will, however the antidote for that has never been, an atheistic, or agnostic worldview as some would make you think.



It’s peculiar that a world view that argues that humanity was born in the essence of meaninglessness, came about from coincidence and will cease to exist one day in the context of a purposeless universe, all of a sudden they’re preaching meaning, really??? If you were born from coincidence, and are headed towards coincidence, than the only meaning there is to that, is that life is meaningless. As Christians we have meaning, because there is a God, who created a universe with purpose, and established humanity on planet earth with meaning.

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