IGNITE (Revivals and Young people)

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Do you want to do great stuff for GOD? If you had the opportunity to change your life NOW, for the best would you take it? Here is a video that shows great things young people are doing in our history, but beyond that, I hope that we can see young people, not just doing great things, but Great things for God.

As I think of the history of the revivals that have shaken the church I can’t help but notice the involvement of young people in these movements. Established churches and whole denominations were born in the fire of the passion that young people began to have.

1. John Wesley, father of the Methodist church was 17 when he began the Methodist movement, he was a young man when he began a routine of waking up at 5:00am in the morning to pray, a routine that he kept through his life.

2. Charles Spurgeon was 19 when he began to pastor the largest church in London, by the age of 22, he had a 10,000 member congregation, and was already the most impactful preacher of his time.

3. There were a group of young people who in attempting to flee a storm they had nowhere to go but a haystack, and while the storm was passing they began to pray. According to them “something” happened at this prayer meeting of young people, God called them to go to all the world and preach the Gospel. God used the passion of these young people to start the first American missions agency, through this “Haystack Revival” The United Foreign Missionary Society, the American Baptist Missionary Union, and the American Bible Society were born and thousands of missionaries began going to the world.

4. It was a small group of young bible school students who began studying and praying for the Holy Spirit to be poured on them, when suddenly they began to speak in new tongues. This movement that began with young people ignited the Pentecostal movement impacting lives who later when on to start great movements of God such as the Assemblies of God, Christ for the Nations, the Holiness movements, and all of the great Pentecostal ministries that emerged.

I can’t wait to see and hear of the revivals that God will begin to IGNITE through our North Region Conference, (and soon to be district) I pray for our young people’s hearts to be ignited, to not just believe, but to know that God, who is activating his power in this movement, wants to use them. Pray for God to move us to continue to impact North Texas, Oklahoma, & Arkansas with the Power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his Holy Spirit.

By: JD Acuna

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